What the Phone Company Should Do

The phone company ought to go to a new paradigm.

Each customer ought to have one person through whom they deal with the company.  One person, whom they’ve known for a long time, and whose phone number they have on their bill (and stored in their phone), who can handle everything.


(I worked for the biggest non-petroleum collection agency in the world. The gasoline companies issued their own credit cards then, and dominated the field. Each creditor had one agent with whom he communicated, and whose voice, name, business phone number, and business address was known to him. It made for efficient communications and great success. I discovered my English professor among the files. His file was about five inches thick, full of years of letters from him to us. He really knew how to game the system, to the benefit of Shell Oil, our agency, and himself!)


16 Responses

  1. Firefox is causing me grief.

  2. Acc. a website I went to, my laptop hss a virus, so I’m reduced to using an old HP iPAQ Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5.0. Gosh. I forgot how horrible it was.

  3. Mr. Renzi’s selling his building!

  4. Where’s that pier they just showed on “European Journal”? That’s where I’d like to get married some day.

  5. It’s spring or autumn in Ecuador, depending on where you stand.

  6. Wouldn’t it be neat if, at 60 Minutes’ website, we actually could see the video?!

  7. Rahm Emanuel’s a genius. When I told him Mom thought Edward Bennett Williams might have had Uncle George murdered, I got the impression he considerabled it plausible.

  8. This is the Internet. If you don’t drop bombshells, you’ll never get noticed.

  9. Have you noticed that when you leave a comment, they used to ask for your e-mail address, but now they ask for your website? What’s nifty is to point to your own article on Wikipedia or IMDB.

  10. Why blog if you can leave comments?

  11. I want to tune a nice grand piano free for somebody who’ll appreciate it.

  12. Continuing the brain series with normal and parhological age-related memory loss, Charlie Rose’s guests Eric Kandell, Brenda Milner et had no problem finding the blood cholesterol and insulin-resistance connections, so why do they ignore nicotinamide? It’s staring them in the face!

  13. The Miami Beach police confiscated the only remaining photo identification I had left, my mass transit pass and my Veteran’s Administration card.

  14. It’s me, Marshall, again. Today’s my birthday, and I’m pleased to say that I made an extraordinary breakthrough last Friday morning, at around 1:30 a.m. on the 23rd. I decided how to make a practical plucking mechanism for a plectrum piano, one worthy of patenting!

  15. I heard my sister on public radio the day before yesterday. She was asked for her opinion on the political correctness of the name of Grandfather’s football team, the Washington Redskins. I just want to say that I disagree with her. She twice referred to the word “redskin” as derogatory. That’s nonsense. I’ve discussed the matter repeatedly with all sorts of people, including native American indians, including the Cherokee couple in Lambertville, New Jersey, who “adopted” me. First, the word is no longer a common noun. Nobody uses it any more to refer to American Indians, only to the football team. Second, nobody in their right mind would use a derogatory word as the name of their own pride and joy, a marvelous football team. Third, considering that the team included four American Indians at the time, of whom they were very proud, of course, and that nobody, as far as I know, raised any objections at the time, it seems pretty obvious that “redskin” was not regarded as an insult. Fourth, changing the name would be an insult to the history of the football team as well as its current membership. Fifth, Grandfather was bigoted in many ways, not just racially, but such was common in the environment in which he lived, pre-Civil Rights Era Washington, DC, a decidedly Southern city. His repetition of commonly accepted stereotypes was restricted to table talk, and never influenced his business decisions or social life. He said that his team’s fans wouldn’t accept African Americans on the team, and in those days, it was probably true. Sixth, I doubt my sister ever met Grandfather, as I did. I never heard him say anything derogatory (certainly not against American Indians) against anybody but bad decision-makers during a football game. Seventh, Grandfather was a product of his times. He was born in West Virginia, a part of Virginia which broke off from the state over the issue of nullification, the principle that states could decide whether the Constitution applied to them, and was very fond of history and especially Thomas Jefferson, whose possessions and writings he collected. Like Jefferson, he probably regarded African Americans as inferior in certain respects, but disagreed with the notion that they should be considered unequal under the law. Seventh, he spent his life in the company of his servants, who were African American, and treated them well, and as trusted friends. His chauffeur, Calvert, remained with him as long as my mother could remember, from 1921 to 1969. Eighth, in the 1930s, the presence and acceptance of American Indians in society, especially East Coast America, was much more prominent than it is today. The issue of whether the word “redskin” was derogatory was certainly more carefully examined then than it is today. I think my sister should reconsider her position.
    –Marshall Price, of Miami

  16. Publishing an article? Having an article you wrote cited by a court with positive feedback? Getting sworn in to SCOTUS? Being on the winning side of a case of new impression somewhere? Come on http://tropaadet.dk/corinariddle67541081845

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