Self-Correcting Body

I once swallowed this notion of a “self-correcting” body. What a mistake! Put that right out of your mind, or it’ll lead to mental mischief. Your body can heal itself, it can close up wounds, it can fight off disease, it can grow new tissues and organs, it can strengthen its bones and its muscles, it can rally its forces in many ways, but it cannot self-correct, by any means.

Instead, it has, over the years, evolved many ways to cope with troubles. If it hadn’t, one of your ancestors, also without such a trait as you lack, would have died too young to enable you to exist today.

It possesses a truly marvelous collection of coping techniques, but no way to make everything “just so”.

Never allow that rumor to spread; squelch it. Your body contains no blueprint at all of how it ought to be, and toward which it strives.

(If you’re uncomfortable in any way, do something about it. Cut your hair, clip your toenails, take a shower or a pill, roll off of that pressure point, massage your leg. Your “body” itself isn’t going to do it.)

If anything, you, like Arnold Schwartzenegger, must “correct” it purposefully, the way you want it. With iron, food, or scalpels, needles, and thread.

It’s false rumor. Sloppy reasoning. Misleading wordplay. Hogwash.


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