I Wouldn’t Mind Very Much, a Composition, in English

I wouldn’t mind a few cars in the hundred-dollar bracket, since the “drive” is so vast, and they tend to go wrong.

But I’m still hoping to melt darling Lydia’s heart; aren’t I?

Oh, well, I have time to abandon hope later, perhaps the next year, now things thaw, for the nonce.

Who would have suspected she’d like my stuffed grape leaves, accepting them out a tub, so un-sealed! — and with three Spanish olives, canned artichoke heart?  And sit here beside me to sup, clearly pleased, and in this place (my humble abode)!

Twice, twice, I “you’re welcomed”!


Shall I take up her son, on his offer, unbidden, a rather late-model Mercedes sedan?

It is gratis! (hesitating)

Mais non! They’re so dreadfully heavy, I doubt it, indeed!

Light cars suit me. They quite appropriately — rather — set off, my light-of-weight shoes. That’s what I think.

I see her point: considering, I mean.

How not I hallucinate, truly?


(stop) In this mood, I might as well… confess to faggotry(!) were it meet so to do. But lackaday, ’tisn’t!

(resuming) For such dearly sweet friends I do bend with most gladly, but never, but never, beyond a firm point.

Thereat, I brake; ra-ather firmly.

It’s true.

I do.

I would mind very much.


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