How Pleasant it is to Recall a Good Name

How pleasant it is to recall a good name (three consecutive dactyls, with upbeat and stomp!), and which letters are doubled, as in “Randall” and “Duntemann”, especially among those (people) of the living.

Broccoli isn’t like that. Who remembers which consonant to d’bubble? Seed package labble dezinners? (Wouldn’t it be neat if ravioli weren’t only pronounced like “ravished in bed” in French, something rarely profitable to know but at St. Tropez, but had letters to be doubled? But I have enough problems with all these ragazzi (di strada), graffitists, and paparazzi swarming about, all properly spelt. Not to mention doubling airtime minutes, but only once. A terrible disappointment, especially with no promotional codes, active or not, in my billfold, and none active momentarily at present anyway! But perhaps I diverge or something, go off along a semitangential straight ray, like stone for Goliath from Gath.)

Randall Hyde and Jeff Duntemann aren’t the only goodies; there are lots. But for assembly language programming (the m of which is a rule-breaker), they’ll get you started flying high. Entenmann’s good for pastries and such.

Somebody somewhere must be pondering Marshall Price of Miami, and why “marshal” ‘s not right for me, but good for arrangements on a tarmac, enforcing crowd control, sharpshooters, fire department signage, etc.

Where would we be without “marshaling” (folowwing the rule) yards? All deceased long ago, perplexèd, along with the Teamsters, longshoremen, and stevedores, that’s where, quayside, exquisite corpses rotting on quays, sans apology to my old friend, Codrescu.

It’s too late, alas, to make good on my promise to send in that analysis of the Times‘ mentioning of prominent Russian names, or anecdotes of New Orleans, but the dialog is still going strong towards me, bless his little widely broadcast soul, poured out for art, and all.

“Andrei Codrescu” goes in one ear and out, unless you’re tuned in for genius, or visit, a redirect to corpse.  Since 1983.

From Books and Books, you may step east or south. Either way, it’s good times.


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