With a Gwee

With a “gwee” he pronounced his name, Guillermo Rodriguez, and I tried to give him some good advice. Marta, probably his grandmother, was sitting nearby, and she called him Guillermo, with “gwee”, so who am I to criticize? But later, after much trivial struggle, he confessed he had a great nickname, which is all I asked for in the first place, “Phoenix”, with both a “ph” and an “oe”, the right way, “Rodriguez” of the Shenandoah neighborhood in Miami.  Andy, his buddy, was much more impressive to me, with good looks, handsome stature, health, smarts, creativity, and a cleft, giving him a “butt chin”, an addition to my vocabulary which might come in handy some day, though I doubt it. They were both impressive in their own ways, and ditto disappointing. But I could see “Marshall Price of Miami” coming out of the ear opposite, though I doubt it went in one. Andy seemed to have potential, but didn’t volunteer his last name. What a shame. Again, I was fooled, thinking they thought me a great guy, despite my “forgettability”, a word Firefox doesn’t recognize right!


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