Radio City Rockettes Interviewed on TV

I’m in heaven. Please don’t bother me now.

Now I’m back. A few are hideous, most are stunning, but nobody brings a Questar to Radio City Music Hall, just to see whether they might find disappointment in seeing what isn’t part of the show, so who cares? A stage makeup coach?

There’s no such person. The Rockettes put on their own makeup after a brief lesson with an older Rockette, with all the newcomers on hand anyway, just as I did (not with a Rockette, though), and thereafter nobody can tell. They might rehearse unmade up, but probably couldn’t care less, unless they’re the type that does. The heck with them. They focus on rehearsing, which is hard, vigorous, and demanding, especially since most are there to continue their dance schooling, besides getting noticed, and making their resumes a whole lot more impressive.

So it was with my adopting “mother-sweetheart” Rockette, Carol. Now you know why I suddenly had such a great day, which was great anyway, because I gave the best imaginable Christmas present already today. I’ve never spent so much before on a whole Christmas, except once maybe, and it will be appreciated daily for years.

Limitless telephoning from and to anywhere will surely revolutionize the lifestyle of Robert Geoffrey Bate, a/k/a Bate, or “Beethoven” , if he’s lucky, and he sure is that, or better be, living alone on a boat in Hurricane Alley. At least, if he keeps it charged up on a big car battery, he can call the Coast Guard now, if death approaches in a way they can help counter. My brother, the Coast Guard officer and veteran, would approve of that sort of outing, even if he doesn’t have all the proper safety and other mandatory equipment. He even said he might get the boat in his own personal organization’s name, for no reason, though the organization is already over-involved in this boat thing. Ownership’s a drag! Even custodianship, in the name of nonprofit-org art, he’d rather have handled by pros, but life’s hard that way. He’s struggling just to keep up his prospects for future posthumous fame. What do you expect? He’s old, and just recovered his eyesight recently, which he’d always denied losing till he had something to celebrate, and admitted it.


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