Ken Auletta and Charlie

Ken Auletta of the “New Yorker” and Charlie Rose had each other at the tops of their forms earlier today, but it was only distributed on cable. Now that Channel 17 is broadcasting it, I can tell. They’ve been discussing the variety among the “intelligences” of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc. Wow.

Larry and Sergei, (different) controlling guys, killer-instinct guys like Gates, etc. Book lovers, music lovers…. All CEOs, or better.

We’re all learning a lot, along with Charlie himself, of course. They’re even discussing Bing, Yahoo! (still) and China, where Google didn’t show courage, but compromised, which was probably good. “Free” is also under discussion, including the book, and what we don’t know the answers to yet.

Even Comcast, re ABC, Universal, CNBC, ESPN, and so on, and GE.

The book is called Googled, and that was just the first half.

The second is just as interesting, about how golfing technique is now revolutionized, putting it beyond ordinary golfers. Andy Plummer, golf instructor explains the age-old misunderstandings and how they were cleared up, on the subject of the swing. Michael Bennet joins in the discussion, and it’s all very interesting. The angle of the club face, for example, has been misunderstood for eons. Even Tiger Woods is operating under the wrong principles! It’s mainly about driving. His model would be biased towards hitting to the right, not slicing, or getting it right. He’s just overcome the difficulties through sheer effort.

Stack and Tilt is the title.  Dad was a golfer, I was a natch, but who cares about golf anyway?

I sailed a round-the-world-singlehanded-race-capable boat, but only half the voyage, while a pro was sleeping and getting high when awake. It was Barry Goldwater’s, but it was a pretty good boat. Cap was a crook in a way, and not nice, but he picked me.

We only sailed from Miami to Newport great-circle-wise, and I coined a mnemonic on the way, “The sea is sissy and crass”, which I got a very good reason to remember when the tempests hit, repeatedly. The heck with the darn elements, anyway. The most interesting part is what happened on a calm, mirror-like sea, when a bump came out of nowhere, probably a curious whale, and nearly knocked me overboard, right on top of a mako shark! Otherwise, everything was totally motionless and silent.

Weird? Weirder than the 200-MPH hurricane off Hatteras?

Golfing’s cheap compared with North Atlantic Ocean sailing, for a hobby, which I want to take up someday, and on my own boat, better than any old Barry Goldwater racing boat.

It was number 7 in the famous series of thousands, which I forget now. A Southern Cross, I think. Not such a great boat, IMHO, but quite widely recognized as such.

I want a better boat. Don’t you?

Golf? Forget it. It’s beyond us anyway now.

Did you know Tiger Woods changed his swing for the better three or four times now?

Sergio Garcia, there’s another guy. Watch his spine, how it tilts to the left properly, but just a bit too much.

Plummer and Bennett’s advice won’t hurt you physically. The Stack and Tilt Swing tries to make it easier, not harder. But it throws out all the “accepted knowledge” and wrong-headed physics about swinging a driver iron.

What are they going to do about tees? Leave them forever unexamined? Sharpen them with diamonds? Choose new materials? Smarten them? Apply nanotechnology and lithium ion power, solarized and in DayGlo? Hasn’t it even been tried out yet? On a small scale, but with pros, and Cyber-Age statistical analysis?

I don’t care, but Charlie cares about anything.

He’s even perused the book. It’s obvious.


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