Bank of America Wire Transfer

For a whole week, thanks to Bank of America’s sneaky surreptitiousness and petty greed, I thought I was broke, but I had plenty in the bank.

It just took Bank of America a whole week to tell me about a wire transfer that came in a week ago! They had a whole week to play with my money, while keeping me in the dark.

Why even send transfers by wire and notifications by mail, and waiting five days before mailing them? That’s like kiting a check.

I’d rather get cash delivered by messenger. It sure would be faster, and it would be in my pocket, not theirs.

That was sneaky and nasty, and should be illegal.

Instead of bank regulation, we have anarchy, and at your expense!

Just think about it. While they were investing my money for themselves, it was costing me money, because I could have used it to very good advantage (like getting my car out of lock-up, fixed, and on the road, instead of giving my money generously to cab drivers I don’t even know!), much more than a lousy week’s worth of yield, which maybe went to their own shareholders, maybe not!

Who pocketed it?

What do you think about it?

What do my representatives and senators think about it?

I’m going to find out by phone; their numbers are in the blue pages, and it’s always a free call.


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