William HENRY Howard Taft (Idiots!) and Cam

Sure my mother Cam knew William Howard Taft, the Supreme Court Justice and former US President. They used to stroll hand in hand, every morning down Connecticut Avenue, over the bridge and back, but nobody else shouts HENRY because he never told anybody but her about it. Who else but a Justice calls his strolls hand-in-hand with a little girl “Morning Constitutionals” with a Capitol C?

Ask Gore Vidal about it, if you don’t believe me, he knew them both and may have joined them, because he was best friends with her little brother, George, Jr., who was always with them, but maybe that was a little later. She remembers George following behind in a perambulater when he was a baby. If she told me about it, and was so proud, she certainly must have told Gore, at least once, if Uncle George hadn’t already. It can be very well documented. As well as the Henry.

Why should I lift a finger? Let the historians handle the history. She was Cathy, Wet Wash’s little girl, then, and they were happy.

Gore Vidal writes books; I don’t.


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