Reading and Writing a Melody

You know, I’ve got a knack for melody, Andy probably writes music down much faster than I can, and has a toolbox of talents I’d give my eye teeth for. That makes for a very good partnership.

I need (want) a musical set in New Orleans at the dawn of the Jazz Age, in more than one (that-word-that-means-venue-darnit) scene, he knows his chords, gimmicks, styles, and maybe orchestration, I’d love to do lyrics, so what’s my problem?

Well, a plot, for one thing, and characters only astrologers dream up, and my sister, the music theatrical genius, as casting director. I’ll tell you about Penny some day.

All I have to do is think about Melody Rose Denham (What a gal, what a gal!), and dream sweet dreams……….

And Carol, my Rockette, and perhaps Bonnie Raitt’s father, and Dad, of course, and Satchmo before he came to NYC, and so on. Oh, and Bert Lahr, and Mardi Gras, Morey Amsterdam, and real jazz greats.

We could get this baby off the ground. We could do it, Andy Tuimichein and I.

I just gotta pick him a great stage name. Hmm… Buddy Arnold’s been done. Frankie Avalon’s taken. Mack the Knife’s not good. How about, how about: Crazy Finger Malone? Nah. Gotta be three syllables, not taken already.

I got it: Andy Sax!  Or maybe Andy Two? Twee?

Gotta consult, though — consultation with a prodigy’s a challenge.

Well, that’s all, folks!


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