Mr Aziz and the Fed

Today I met Mr Aziz in his little grocery store near the corner of 17th Av and 22nd St SW, better known as Coral Way here in Miami, and we had a great conversation in which I learned a great deal about the former “Big Syria” and the Middle East, and I realized how negligent I’ve been of the history of the region.

We neglected to discuss Abdul Aziz, the founder of modern-day Saudi Arabia, and his namesake, but that was a long time ago.

It was more recently that a Saudi became founder of the Hashemite clan dynasty and the king of newly-formed Jordan, and other countries were formed, at the strong suggestion of the British Empire, mostly carved out of Big Syria.  Mr Aziz explained to me that he was proud of his Palestinian heritage, and equally of its origin as part of Syria, and proud of Syria as well.

I also learned that hookas contain a plug of burning charcoal inside.

One thing struck me as strange, though. It was what he meant by the Fed Board consisting of only three Americans, all the others something else, including four Jews. Why he doesn’t say, as I would suppose, that it is comprised entirely of Americans, many of them Jews, is a mystery to me, but I agreed with him about everything else, through a long and lively, educational and controversial, and quite fun, dialog.

I hope to get to the bottom of this very soon.

Otherwise, what a fascinating and lively conversation!


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