David of Miami, the FPL electrician

Another David, a great guy who works for FPL for a living, writes “Simple Task One” for Triskelion. I met him today at work, while he and his union friend installed massive cabling of 7000-plus kV (?) in a building under construction.

His friend was amazing, too, and I practiced the fine art of knowing when to shut up, while they worked amazingly assiduously and expertly at the job site.

They both have wit, and finely tuned senses of humor, and work well together, focusing on their work. A piano tuner may have difficulty conversing while tuning, as I did, but electrical work, especially while operating the crimpers and cutters, giving you time to talk, as cleverly as you care to, while the tools are at work.

Since cab drivers stopped going back to their stations and centers so often, it’s getting less fun, I should think. I’m glad I quit doing that, but, working a night shift alone wasn’t very entertaining, unless my fares wanted to talk, when it usually was. I only got a 100% tip once. As a piano tuner receiving 100% tips regularly from at least one client, believe me, it sure makes a fellow feel appreciated.

If I can afford it someday (Who wants to help me?), I’ll always give workmen such tips.


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