Stand up, Mr Obama!

Please, Mister President, rise to the occasion. America wants to be proud of you. We know you’ve got it in you, and you’re oh, so close now, almost there.

So, go the distance; finish the stretch. Attend to your posture. Clean up your diction. Don’t pronounce “to” “tih”, drawing it out and hesitating. That’s not impressive, or humble. It’s disappointing. Pronounce your t‘s and your g‘s, and act like a leader, not just a guy, who’s relaxing before a performance. Show us the show!

You should know what I mean, professor. We hardly know you. We’re just beginning to develop a sense of who you really are. No longer must you stoop to appeal to the common man, you must stand to inspire him. Surely, it requires effort. So, steel yourself and make the effort.

It’ll be easier this time around. America needs it; the globe needs it. Think of Roosevelt. Think of Kennedy. Take inspiration anywhere, but do it. We’re beginning to fear you may be another sorry disappointment. Dress like a President, a best-dressed President, when you appear in public, and do your relaxing behind doors, after hours. Consider the lion, who sleeps two-thirds of the day. He’s a master of relaxation. He takes it to the extreme, lolling around and snoozing all day, and night. But when you’re organizing, motivating, activating the nation, we want to see the other lion, the one who tackles the kicking zebra and takes it down.

Do that. Be that. Make us proud.


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