MetroPCS prompts

Oh, what a can of worms. You can get that extremely irritating cyber-pseudolady, the virtual madness inflictress, to set the “prompt level” among your “administrative options” (I want to speak to the chancellor in person, face-to-face!) to “brief prompts”, but not to “no prompts”, unless I’m missing something, which is quite plausible, in fact, likely, because I can’t tolerate those interminable things anyway. I could write a sonnet about them, the tone of voice in which “message deleted” is delivered, all honey-coated, smarmy, and as ever, implying “isn’t it great we’re here to help you learn 7”, which is really all you need. 7’s delete, the rest is unnecessary, but unless I can turn off those prompts, it’ll continue to be like living hell, any time somebody leaves a message. This business deserves better treatment than a sonnet. It deserves a very brief blog entry blasting the damn company to smithereens.

God knows MHz Networks needed a kick in the pants before they turned an ear to their own station, but unlike us, He knows why. The top technician would’ve, and did, notice it instantly, but doing that would have taken one minute of somebody’s time, perhaps a person briefly trained (and training’s expensive!) to know what to look for, and not once in four months (at least) did they choose to spend one observing their own feed.

I’ve known FCC licensees, and you know they hate it, but sometimes have to, actually tune into a radio for some reason. “Let underlings and the public do the listening!”, George Kowal said, and he’s right. But then the managers say “we’ve got no budget” for them, or “we don’t actually know anybody personally who can tolerate such drivel”, and they’re right. What the audience thinks before rejecting that channel is “That’s out. Moving on…”, a matter of momentum, of survival in the modern world. They don’t have the time or energy to think “What a shame” or “I better report this, even though I don’t know quite what to say”. Something’s on somewhere, and they’re looking for satisfaction now, because they’re so tired of dissatisfaction, and you can’t blame them, you can only push, push, push what brings in the money, and never think of stopping or reasoning.

Imagine how thousands of Metro-piece-of-S customers feel, how many man-minutes have been lost in toto, and how many tempers have been lost, simply because some well-meaning folks decided “no prompts” shouldn’t be on the menu, at least not that one. Now that dreadful voice, that’s a further matter, which gets me so upset, I’d have to go on less like Hemingway, and more like Proust! If you catch my drift.


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