Google membership headaches

I joined Google long ago for something I forget, and now they’re giving me such a runaround! I’m not up to mischief, I never do anything wrong, I read and follow the instructions, I enter the letters as I see them, I hardly ever use my Google membership, I don’t use any Google services, I try to figure out what they mean by “Username” and “email address” and “Password”, I keep the passwords, I use the one I think they want, and so on. I once tried to change the email address I had on file with them, and that didn’t work right, but why are they now treating me like a criminal? All I wanted to do was sign up for a Youtube account without revealing my passwords elsewhere, and something went wrong. Gee. Even ATT has been a headache. The only trademark which doesn’t cause me any trouble is Yahoo!, but using Yahoo! is a pain in the neck. They constantly expect you to click on things and enable stuff I don’t want to use, and re-enter my password. And I can’t even download my Yahoo! email via Thunderbird. So why is Google giving me such a runaround? I leave them alone; why can’t they leave me alone?


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