Everybody knows Mom: cuisine!

It was rather late in her educational career, perhaps 50, that Mom took a serious interest in cuisine.  From her youth she knew meal planning, outfitting a kitchen, telling the servants and cooks what to do and how to do it, planning the shopping and the budget, etc., but now she tackled the fine art of cooking as she had, for example, the gem and jewelry business earlier, illustrating cookbooks, taking courses at the culinary institute, whipping up impressive dishes, French, Italian, Chinese, Danish, Jewish, Greek and Moroccan cooking, cajoling and picking the brains of famous chefs, reading all sorts of cookbooks and trade magazines cover to cover, serious wine connoisseurship–inventing, manufacturing, designing packaging for, stocking, distributing, and promoting accessories for use with the Cuisinart (which, alas, did not pan out so well)–you know, that sort of thing; but when it came to knowing her way around a menu in the very best of restaurants, she was the belle of the ball.  She didn’t always go for the most expensive entree, or even the second most, or bust the bank on a bottle of wine, but she always knew how to leave the rest of the table feeling just a bit dissatisfied, if you know what I mean, with their choices, because hers were the best, as if she could read the chef’s mind.  C’est la vie.  But she was always willing to share; that’s how she kept her weight down.  That’s class.  Damn, what a dame, and a mighty fine dam she was, Mommy!


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