What’s the difference?

The way I see it, importunity will get you a buck, whereas importunacy’ll get you a black eye.  Contumely may be over their head, but derision’ll blacken the other one.  Colette will get you into the lion-tamer’s boudoir, but Marijane Meaker’ll get you freedom of attitude.  Chacun a son gout.

For the first time here in Pricely Pen, I just heard a carload of joyriders zoom by a la Jan de Vroom.  I wish them well, unlike the nameless newlyweds who light up a 50-mile radius with fireworks and thunder for a three-week marriage.  Them I wish aphronitre, a subscription to Condom-of-the-Month Club, and a good night’s sleep.  No gout for me, thanks.

There must be a cure for it all.

Which reminds me, whatever happened to the Outrageous Online Uncle Al?  The obscurer, the better!


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