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October 22, 2009

My friend Bob lost his memory and his car in a crash two month ago, but he didn’t forget (famous) Robert DeNiro, whom he ran into at the train station. DeNiro gave him $2000, which he spent at the Sonesta at $300 a night.

It reminds me of something my sister said. Dad met a young stockbroker without capital in the early sixties and gave him $50,000 to help him get started. It wasn’t too many years before that that I learned Dad’s income for a year was only $40,000. Our house was bought in 1948 and sold in 1960 for $40,000.

Bob’s broke again and living in a park because he forgot he’s got a room, a phone, a computer, AOL, wealthy, generous, and famous friends, and so on. He forgot his girlfriend’s last name.


October 22, 2009

I finally figured out how to telnet properly. Forget about Start > Run. Instead, pull up a full-screen DOS Prompt (I made a shortcut to it on my Start menu), and enter this: telnet -l username host, where username is your own username, and host is the host to which you want to telnet. If you’ve got it set up properly, you should have an eighty character wide, 24-row black and white screen, running whatever “shell” is on the host.

October 22, 2009

Somebody left a piece of paper in my mailbox.  It looked as if it had been made on a cheap black-and-white copier. It had the AT&T logo (in lowercase!) with a name and phone number to the lower right. To make a long story short, after getting off the phone with him, AT&T said he wasn’t one of their employees. I tried telling the cop on the corner about it, but he said, “Forget about it.” No wonder people keep getting away with things. The police are as indifferent as the rest of the government.

Have you seen my poodle dog?
October 17, 2009

When I was about two, around 1948, I used to sing a song that began “Have you seen my poodle dog?”  I tried finding its lyrics on Google, and apparently, nobody’s ever put those words on the Internet.  So now I’m the first.  I wish I could remember the song.

A party next door
October 15, 2009

Barack Obama has set up a tent in his back yard, and is hosting a “Latin fiesta”.  I lived next door to several huge, noisy parties, and also within earshot of the White House, and can attest that everybody agrees they’re no fun unless they’re loud, very loud, and unless you’re invited.  I feel sorry for Obama’s neighbors who have better things to do than listen to distant partying.  One New Years’ Eve when I was about ten, my parents deposited me in a hotel room facing Times Square and went out to have fun.  I, meanwhile, lay in bed in my dark hotel room, learning how to feel miserable.  I’ve never forgotten.