The Dollar

Look how somebody reacted to a recent story about the upsurge of violence in Juarez:

Tim R (Mr__Obvious) wrote:

Why are people surprised? When the dollar is held above all else in the world’s most-powerful country, what else?

Sunday, June 07, 2009 4:20:29 PM

I don’t understand such an attitude. The dollar is a pretty decent currency. It’s better than the peso, it doesn’t depreciate so much over time. Is this guy against currency in general? What would he substitute for it? Is he against people wanting wealth? That’s a natural, unavoidable tendency. Maybe he thinks people are not generous enough with their money, but Americans are among the most charitable in the world. When I lived in Mexico, I couldn’t stop wondering what was wrong, but I never did come up with any answers. I think corruption is not just widespread, it’s taken as inevitable. Unless that attitude changes, Mexico can never get out of the rut it’s in. And I doubt it’ll change in my lifetime.


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