Sign the papers

That guy (“Godly Mathew” – He says his first name is “Godly” and his last name is spelled with a single t.) says he was coerced to sign papers in the ambulance.

That reminds me. I went to Cedars Hospital in Miami once because I was concerned about ringing in my ears. I was told to sign very long papers, in no uncertain terms. Since I didn’t have my reading glasses, I said I couldn’t read them. They said they’d read them, but only if I agreed in advance to sign them! They detained me overnight, and in the morning a psychiatrist apologized for the mistreatment and said he’d forget about the tinnitus if he were me; it happens all the time. I was especially concerned about it, because it was coming on more often than usual, and I hoped to resume my work as a piano tuner someday.


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