Georgie Price

I’d love to upload some MP3 copies of cassette tape copies of Dad’s old 78RPM recordings, but I can’t grant anybody any rights, and I can’t figure out how to do it. Also, when I first published a few web pages at, one of Dad’s relatives sent me an email. I think she found the site by searching for Ken Kling, and said that Dad had many Jewish friends in New York City whom the rest of our family knew nothing about. Unfortunately, I lost her address!


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  1. Hi,

    We’ve never met but I’m your cousin. My mother was your father’s youngest sister, Lillian. Grandmother Pauline actually had 11 children, but two died in infancy or early childhood. Millie was the second youngest sister. I remember her very well. She died in 1974. She had one son, Paul, both of us named for the same grandmother. I think I met your father once, as a child. My stepdaughter is registered with and she did a family tree for me. If you’d like any information about grandparents, etc., let me know and I’ll look it up.

    I live in Manhattan. My husband is an actor and I have one son, a theatrical agent.


    • Hello Paula! I’m Marshall’s only sister, Jordan Wright. I live in the Washington DC Metro area and am a publisher and food writer. I was so excited to read your response to Marshall’s post and hope we can meet! Would you please email me at the above address and you can visit my site if you’re so inclined. I’m on Facebook too.

      Look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Hugs in advance…


      • Hi Jordan!

        I was just about to reply when I got your second message – been running around like crazy the past couple of days. It’s wonderful to hear from you and know that I have an extremely prestigious food writer as a cousin. My stepdaughter Elise and her husband live in your area, in Arlington, and I will definitely let her know about Whisk and Quill, if she doesn’t already know. They’re both lawyers and they dine out a lot.

        My husband Ron and I have been to D.C. many times. He has been in two plays at the Kennedy Center, and was in “The Exorcist,” which shot in Georgetown. My last name is Faber, by the way.

        As far as my mother’s family is concerned, they seem to have been a pretty weird bunch. Both my parents died when I was very young, so I didn’t get to ask them much about family, but I know that my mother was not close with most of her siblings, only with two of her sisters, Aunt Millie and Aunt Flossie (Florence). There were at least four uncles that I never met, and as I said, I only met your father once, when he was playing at a theater in Brooklyn, where we lived. I did know that there was a daughter, Penny, and a son, Peter, who was a child actor. I did see “The Great Caruso.” You probably know about as much as I do about the Prices. I remember Millie once telling me that Grandma Pauline was a fortune teller and called herself “Madame Pauline.” Sounds more like she was a con artist, scamming the neighbors in between turning out more little Prices. Eleven kids and they weren’t even Catholic! I think she said Grandpa was a barber and an alcoholic, not a winning combination, so they had to live by their wits.

        I was wondering why Marshall’s posts ended in April. I hope he’s well.

        Gotta run, but let’s chat again soon. So good to meet you!


    • Hi Paula,

      Reaching out to you again! Marshall no longer monitors nor writes this blog, so I’m unsure if you can reach me. But please try. Without your last name or direct email address I am in a quandary as to how to find you.

      I will be notified, however, if you respond to this post. My email address is on as well.

      I have never known much of anything about my father’s family and never knew anyone was alive or around to tell me about them. That’s why I am so excited and don’t want to lose track of you! Especially since you live so close by.

      FYI. Our half-sister, referred to in the story below, is a member of the NY-based Outer Critics circle. She is 76 this month and still performs in national touring companies as does her daughter, who lives in NYC too!

  2. My Uncle Sam came to the USA from Zychlin, Poland in 1904 and his trip was paid for by an “Uncle Moische Price”. It is believed that this Moische Price was married to a sibling of his wife- Anna Goldinov from Brest-Litovsk, Russia.

    Sam (Schloima, Shloima, Schloime, Schlojme) Singer, B. 5/15/84, D.
    3/23/67, 560-16-8756, To NY on the Pennsylvania from Hamburg, 9/8/04

    My cousin Sheila’s daughter has a Grandfather’s Book where in it my Uncle Jack wrote-

    I just came across something interesting. About 33 years ago, I got two books that were for Grandparents to write about their life as a young person. I never could find the one that my Dad filled out. The other day Jennifer said that she found it among her stuff. I found a very interesting page. The question was…is there any famous people in your family. Here is what my Dad wrote…….”Georgie Price-nephew of Uncle Sam. He played on the Vaudeville as the main actor-he was the same class as Eddie Cantor & Morrie Amsterdam”. I am assuming that it was the son of Aunt Annie’s sibling.

    Does anything here look at all familiar to you?

    Michael Singer
    San Jose, CA

    • Hi Marshall,

      I have the hardware and software resources…to produce MP3s. It is only a question of available time required for production.



      Sent from my iPhone Roy Wright – Alexandria, VA


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